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Babysitter Tried to Blame Robbery on ‘Black Men,’ 4-Year-Old Foils Her Plot

A Wisconsin teen has been arrested after she allowed her boyfriend to rob the house where she was babysitting and blamed it on “armed black men.”

Last Wednesday, 4-year-old Abby Dean’s 17-year-old babysitter allowed her boyfriend and his friend to rob the Deans’ house while she was watching the girl. She told police that two “armed black men” had broken in.

Abby, however, wasn’t having it.

“Wednesday was the worst day in my life,” the 4-year-old told a local Fox affiliate. “They told us to get out of the house ‘cause they wanted to steal stuff. The bad guys stole my kitty bank. They stole my iPod. They also stole my Xbox and my Wii.”

The babysitter told police that one of the men looked like next door neighbor Cody Oaks.

“That was really her being bad. She’s not a good babysitter,” Abby said.

Police handcuffed and questioned Oaks for several hours but it was Abby who stood up for her neighbor.

“It wasn’t the right skin color,” Abby said.

When she told the police that the robbers were white, the babysitter was questioned and ultimately confessed.

Abby’s mom, Jennifer Dean, says she is proud her daughter spoke up.

“Literally in 30 seconds she changed everything that had been going on for five, six hours,” Jennifer said.

Oaks says he just hopes the teens learned their lesson.

“It’s kinda sad ‘cause I don’t think she realizes the dangerous position she put me in,” Oaks said.

The police were able to recover the stolen belongings and have arrested all three teens involved. They are charged with robbery, burglary, and perjury charges.

“They got [my stuff] back because of me being the superhero,” Abby said.

But she’s not going pro just yet. When asked if she wanted to be a detective, Abby said, “Mostly, I would love to be a doctor.”

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