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Republican Senator’s Son Linked to Horrific Death of 20 Dogs, Possibly Lied to Owners That Dogs Ran Away

The son of Republican Arizona Senator Jeff Flake was involved in the deaths of at least 20 dogs in Maricopa County, Fox 10 reported.

According to reports, 20 dogs held at Green Acre boarding house were found dead while in the care of the Senator’s son, Austin Flake, and his wife. The couple had reportedly been asked to manage the facility while the owners went out of town.

“I learned of this tragic accident yesterday,” Jeff Flake said. “I can’t imagine the devastating loss these families are experiencing. My heart goes out to the owners who lost their beloved pets.”

The owners reported that the facility’s electricity shut off on Thursday or Friday. Police found that one of the dogs may have chewed through an electric cable that powered the air-conditioning for the facility.

The dogs’ owners were not told their dogs died until Saturday but some were reportedly told their dogs had run away.

Dog owner Valerie Collins told CBS 5 that the owners were “hoping maybe that their dog had run away only to have to identify a dead dog in a pile of corpses of labs and St. Bernards and goldens and Bernese mountain dogs just piled like meat, rotting. So many lies were told, and we just want the truth to come out.”

Police are still investigating the incident.

Last year, another one of Flake’s sons stirred up controversy after the teen posted homophobic, racist, and anti-Semitic comments on his Twitter feed, forcing the Senator to apologize for his son’s actions.

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