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Columnist: ‘We Don’t Even Know Obama’s Real Name, Real Place of Birth’

BarbWire senior editor Jeff Allen has penned a new column, writing that President Obama is a “spiritual phony” and we can’t know what his religion is since we “don’t even know his real name or his actual place of birth.”

Allen writes, “What exactly is the religion of President Barack Obama? We are abundantly aware of his perplexing claims to Christianity — his friends in the lamestream media have seen to that. In fact, during a much-hyped, rare backyard discussion about his religious beliefs in New Mexico on September 28, 2010, the president described himself as a ‘Christian by choice’ who arrived at his faith later in life during adulthood. ‘So, I came to my Christian faith later in life,’ he explained, ‘and it was because the precepts of Jesus Christ spoke to me in terms of the kind of life that I want to lead.’”

Allen then turns to the tried-and-true conservative motto: “Is he secretly a Muslim?”

“However, since his godless, anti-Christian, pro-perversity actions speak at a drastically higher decibel level than his vacuous words, we can’t help but wonder what the president really believes. Is he a Christian (nominally at best)? Is he secretly a Muslim as many emphatically contend? Or what exactly is his religion? Does anyone really know for sure? After all, we don’t even know his real name, his actual place of birth or his grades on his college transcripts for crying out loud. So, we probably never really will know much about the truth behind this least-vetted president in American history. The Leftist political pundits in the press continue to expend a great amount of energy shielding and providing cover for our Deceiver-in-Chief — they have to protect baby dismemberment and sodomy-based marriage at all costs,” Allen writes.

He then mentions Bill Maher’s recent assertion that the president is secretly an atheist.

“’He’s a drop-dead atheist. Absolutely,’ Maher flatly insisted. Hey, Maher may be on to something here. As they say, it takes one to know one. Perhaps an avowed atheist is the best equipped to spot a spiritual phony,” Allen quips.

He concludes by writing, “So, for the spiritually inquisitive, here’s the actual answer regarding the faith of our feckless leader: The object of our President’s veneration is none other than Barack Hussein Obama. He worships, and expects others to worship, at the altar of himself. It’s the vapid religion of Obamaism that has swiftly rushed in to fill the spiritual vacuum of liberalism. Obama is a narcissist by several orders of magnitude who delusionally thinks the world should instantly recognize his greatness and grovel at his feet. The president fancies himself the silver-tongued orator whose “messianic-like” words should cause all to fall upon their faces in adoration and awe.”

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