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Conservative NY Post Columnist Calls Senator a ‘Spear Chucker’

New York Post columnist Fred Dicker is under fire for calling a state senator a “spear chucker” over his relationship with the predominantly black New York City Democratic delegation.

On his WGDJ AM 1300 talk show on Thursday, Dicker said, “Has anyone heard anything from Neil Breslin in the last few years? He’s just like a spear carrier, spear chucker, for these New York City Democrats, but he doesn’t say anything about what’s going on here.”

Immediately following the commercial break, Dicker was slammed with phone calls saying the phrase was offensive, but he denied even knowing it was a racial slur.

“I didn’t think it was a slur,” Dicker replied.

In an email to the New York Daily News, Dicker wrote, “There was NEVER any racial suggestion at all. I said on the air that I was referring to a political ‘spear carrier’ and thought that the other phrase meant the same thing. As soon as a listener called a possible misinterpretation to my attention, I quickly explained my position.”

Representative Charles Rangel’s office has demanded an apology from Dicker, saying, “Fred Dicker’s use of an unacceptable racial term on his radio program was highly insensitive and offensive.”

It’s not the first time Dicker has come under fire for his poor wording choices.

In January, Dicker referred to the Newtown school shooting as a “little convenient massacre,” that would allow politicians to push new gun restrictions.

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