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Daily Show Illustrates How Depressingly Dangerous College Campuses Have Become For Women

The Daily Show took aim at the unfortunate “rape culture” that has developed across college campuses with a skit comparing what men have to do to stay safe during a night out compared to women.

The skit starts off with Jordan Klepper reminding “bros” of “party commandment No. 1: ‘Beer before liquor, never been sicker.’”

Jessica Williams, on the other hand, has to remind women to always keep an eye on their drink, saying “Don’t be a doofy, watch out for a roofie.”

Klepper then reminds “bros” to never pass out, or their friends might draw a penis on their face.

Williams quips, “Yeah, do not pass out on the couch, ladies. Someone will put their dick on your face, at a minimum.”

Klepper reminds “bros” to take a cab rather than drink and drive. Williams reminds women to take measures to prevent being assaulted by the cab driver.

“Don’t get in a cab with doors that lock automatically,” she said. “You want to ride with one hand on the door handle and the other on your friend so you can break her fall if you need to jump and roll. When you’re in the cab, follow your route on Google maps. If the driver makes a weird left turn, drop a pin on the map, call 911, and get ready to jump. Girl, you in danger!”

Klepper turns to Williams and asks why not just walk home if taxis are so dangerous.

Williams says, “Ladies, if you’re going to walk home, make sure you button an overcoat to hide those gams,” she said. “You can just throw a blanket over your drunk friend. Ditch the heels and change into some shoes you can run in. Adopt a masculine gait. If you have a hoodie, keep it up, and no earbuds, OK?”

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