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Columnist: The World Cup is a Leftist Plot to Ruin America, Shows US as ‘Unexceptional’

Inspired by Ann Coulter’s recent trolling of World Cup fans, the conservative media has ramped up its war on soccer because, clearly, there is more to this World Cup business than just a tournament that has occurred every four years since the 1930s.

WorldNetDaily columnist Carl Jackson believes the World Cup is a left-wing plot to “bring America down to size.”

The reasoning is pretty flawless… Jackson believes that Obama and the media are promoting the World Cup to push “the globalization of America” by showing that the US is not “an exceptional nation.” In fact, if you can believe it, Jackson says at the World Cup, Team USA is treated as “just another nation.”

Of course, Jackson is mostly just upset because the US team isn’t the best in the tournament.

“There’s something comforting about knowing you’re the best,” Jackson writes. “When it comes to World Cup soccer, however, I’d rather be bored to tears or outraged by another one of President Obama’s speeches – and I finally figured out why. During the Olympics, our nation’s athletes go to prove that we’re home to the best athletes in the world. During the World Cup, our athlete’s go to prove we belong. We’re just one among many; we’re not an exceptional nation, just another nation. During the Olympics, the world envies us, but during the World Cup they pity us.”

Perhaps Jackson is forgetting that the US finished fourth in gold medals at the recent winter Olympics in Sochi, coming in behind Russia, Norway, and Canada, but whatever.

He concludes by writing, “Liberals are determined to bring America down to size. Whether it’s Sen. Harry Reid and Eric Holder bullying sports teams like the Washington Redskins (I’ll be sure to wash my mouth out with soap) that connect us to traditional Americanism, or local mayors and media promoting the FIFA World Cup – can you imagine a better strategy to have Americans adopt the globalization of America than through sports? You knew that the president would never let ‘a good crisis go to waste.’ Now you know the same goes for sports.”

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