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Texas Cop ‘Kills For Christ,’ Claims to be ‘Christian Warrior’

A Texas police officer has self-published a controversial new book in which he justifies killing men in the line of duty by invoking his Christian beliefs.

SWAT Officer Charlie Eipper has self-published a book called “Jesus Christ on Killing,” in which he says Jesus would not only condone but support his use of deadly force.

The Wichita Falls Times Record News reports, “Eipper has considered himself a professional warrior in the service of his country for the past 23 years. He served three years as a helicopter pilot in the Army, then 16 years on the Wichita Falls Police Department SWAT team as a sniper and team leader of the gang unit.”

Eipper says that when his career began, he was told that killing was wrong in the eyes of Christ. The Times Record News reports, however, “After studying the Bible with the help of Grace Church Pastor Tom Rodgers, today Eipper is confident that Jesus Christ supports warriors.”

“The Scriptures are clear that God condones the use of deadly force in killing whenever we are threatened,” Eipper said. “A woman who carries a handgun with a concealed carry license can be assured that she can defend herself with deadly force and still be in complete fellowship with her Savior.”

But why write a book?

Eipper says the movie Rambo IV, in which Rambo takes missionaries up the river to Burma, was his inspiration.

“He didn’t want to, but finally did.” Eipper says. “Their boat got taken over by river pirates. He had to kill them to save everybody. When Rambo was dropping the missionaries off at their destination, the lead missionary was stepping off the boat and turned to Rambo. ‘I know you think what you did is right,’ the missionary said, ‘but it’s never right to take a life.’”

Eipper says that moment made him cringe.

“I thought, ‘What if there’s a young believer in Christ watching this? What if it’s somebody who is in the Marine Corps? Or an officer?’ They’re going to be so confused. They’ll think, ‘Surely this guy is speaking on authority of scripture.’”

Eipper believes we have a very wrong view of Jesus.

“When Jesus comes back, he will be the man of war,” Eipper said. “When he comes back, there will be a whole lot of killing going on. Scripture says that Jesus is going to be the one doing it. Our Savior will be going to battle. Finally, Israel will see their national salvation occurring.”

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