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Columnist: Obama Readying a ‘Clone’ to Succeed Him in 2016

WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah doesn’t think Hillary Clinton will win the Democratic nomination in 2016 – mostly because he believes she will lose to an “Obama clone.”

Although Farah is unsure who the Obama clone is, he notes that “the unknown, undocumented, underachieving Barack Obama arose from nowhere” as well.

In his new column, Farah writes, “I don’t think [Hillary Clinton] can get the nomination. I know what you’re thinking: Who’s going to beat her? The Democratic leadership back bench is not exactly deep. But, let’s face it: It wasn’t in 2008. And that’s when the unknown, undocumented, underachieving Barack Obama arose from nowhere.”

“He may not have much in the way of accomplishments as president to speak of,” Farah writes. “But he has done one thing in his last eight years: He has built a formidable political machine. Don’t you think he’s going to use it? Don’t you think Obama is going to have a say about who succeed him? And do you think, with the animosity that is so palpable between the Obamas and the Clintons, he’s going to go with someone other than Hillary?”

“He’s going to find a clone,” Farah states. “And they’re going to run the same drill they ran so successfully in 2008 and 2012. Will the Obama clone win? I hope not. Depends who the Republicans nominate. If it’s Jeb Bush or Chris Christie, the unnamed Democrat wins – hands down. Even Hillary can beat either one.”

Right, because if there’s one way the Republicans win back the White House it’s going to be on the back of a far-right ideologue like Canadian Ted Cruz or overachieving ophthalmologist Rand Paul that Americans just can’t get enough of…

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