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Cop Pushes Paraplegic Man Out of Wheelchair For Running Over His Foot, Gets to Keep Job Despite Outcry

An Indiana police officer pushed a paraplegic man out of his wheelchair for running over his foot but will not be fired despite the entire force seemingly calling for his dismissal.

Lafayette Police Department Lt. Tom Davidson has been suspended without pay but will keep his job after video emerged of him pushing the disabled man out of his wheelchair surfaced.

In the incident, police were called in because the disabled man, Nicholas Kincade, reportedly told officials at a school that he had a gun. Police quickly determined he did not have a gun and issued him a warning and told him he was free to go.

Except that Davidson blocked Kincade’s path. A frustrated Kincade reportedly ran over the cop’s foot in an attempt to get away, causing the officer to lash out and push him out of his wheelchair.

“What the f***?” Kincade is heard yelling as he falls to the pavement.

Davidson then arrested Kincade for battery on a police officer.

Davidson was put on administrative leave after the Department determined he displayed “unbecoming conduct.”

His suspension came despite the officials behind the investigation calling for him to be fired.

“It was just inappropriate,” Lafayette Police Chief Patrick Flannelly said.

The Commissioner of the Lafayette Police Civil Service Commission stated that, “Davidson had engaged in conduct unbecoming an officer. They disagreed, however, on the second charge brought against him, voting 3-2 that his use of force in response to resistance was in line with LPD policies.”

Rather than fire him, Davidson was demoted and suspended for 30 days. No charges have been filed in the incident.

Cop Pushes Paraplegic Man Out of Wheelchair For Running Over His Foot, Gets to Keep Job Despite Outcry

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  • Dale Mulkey

    It’s called sue the city and the pig cop force

    • Thomas W. Yale

      What’s called that? Something in the article?

  • Jim Peterson

    wtf within guidelines something is very wrong here

  • Prince David

    If the cops told him to leave then block his way to leave as he trys to leave, whats he to do ? Then get arrested for not leaving fast enough.

  • William Smith

    This man is a sad example of law enforcement. What did he forget about serve and protect. POS needs to be sued personally as well as the city

  • Barbara Bowman

    Are all these cops on steroids or what? How have we come to accept this?

  • David Marks

    What manner of human being physically assaults a paraplegic under any circumstance?

    Police applicants are subject to psychiatric evaluation prior to hiring, and one wonders how this common thug slipped through the hiring process, let alone how he became a police lieutenant before his true character surfaced?