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Indian Minister: Wearing Bikinis, Going to Bars Can ‘Attract Sexual Attacks’

A senior Indian minister warned tourists to cover up and avoid bars to prevent sexual attacks in a country that has become plagued with gang rapes and violence toward women.

Sudhin Dhavalikar, the public works minister for the tourist state of Goa, went as far as to suggest that bikinis be banned in an effort to try to curb the country’s rape epidemic.

“Wearing bikinis can attract problems like molestations,” Dhavalikar said. “I feel that wearing bikinis should be banned on the beaches. We should not allow such types of people [in bikinis] to enter public places.”

He added, “scantily dressed girls visiting pubs project the wrong culture and this should be stopped.”

That’s right. The women project the wrong culture, not the country’s seemingly unending disregard for women’s personhood.

“Young people go drinking and it often leads to law and order problems. Our sisters and daughters are getting spoilt,” he said.

The country is reeling from its epidemic of violence toward women.

A month ago, two teenage girls were gang raped and hung from a tree. Police officers had to be disciplined after they refused to even look into the case.

That same month, another girl was gang raped and had acid thrown in her face to hide her identity.

That same month, an 18-year-old German non-profit worker said she was raped on a train.

Earlier this year, a Danish tourist was raped in New Dehli “in an attack that lasted for hours.”

The Daily Mail reports, “According to the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India, tourism figures fell significantly after the much-publicized rape in 2012, with visits by female tourists dropping by 35 percent.”

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