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Palestinian Teen Was ‘Burned Alive by Israelis’ in Sick ‘Revenge Killing’

An autopsy has revealed that the Palestinian teenager killed as revenge for the deaths of three Israeli teens was burned alive.

Palestinian Attorney General Abdelghani al-Owaiwi told media that the medical examiner found that 16-year-old Mohammed Abu Khdeir was burned to death and suffered burns to “90 percent of his body.”

“The results show he was breathing while on fire and died from burns and their consequences,” al-Owaiwi said.

“I feel as though I’ve lost my boy,” his father, Hussein, told The Jerusalem Post. “He was an excellent student. He loved a lot of people and they loved him. There are a lot of people in my house right now, maybe a thousand.”

Hussein said, “My son went to the mosque for morning prayers. Two people got out of a car, took him, kidnapped him, forced him into the car, and sped away. We have their picture and their license plate number. We called the police right away and we told the police we know where he is because he has a cell phone, and they did nothing.”

The incident has sparked feelings that many Palestinians already held and many believe that this case will not be treated with the same diligence as the three dead Israeli teens found last week because the system “values Israeli lives more than Palestinian lives.”

Tensions have escalated between the Palestinians in Gaza and the Israelis to levels unseen since the Israeli invasion of Gaza in 2008-09.

Protesters have clashed with Israeli soldiers ever since the country began to pound Gaza with airstrikes in retribution for the death of three teenagers.

Hamas has “praised” the killing of the three Israelis but have not taken responsibility for the murders. The Israeli Air Force announced that they bombed 15 Hamas sites on Thursday.

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