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Columnist: ‘Thank God For Men on The Supreme Court’ Who Are ‘Sticking Up’ For Women

Ruth Institute President Jennifer Roback Morse has penned a new column for the Christian Post, thanking God for the men on the Supreme Court who are “sticking up for ‘everywoman’ against the Elite Women.”

Morse believes that because Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan don’t have children, they don’t “understand and respect the lives and aspirations” of women who choose children over their careers. You know, as opposed to the always-in-touch-with-women’s-issues Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas.

“Whose interests do the women on the Supreme Court actually represent?” Morse asks. “Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a lifelong radical feminist ideologue.”

She writes that because Ginsburg “had the lifelong support of her husband in her career,” she was “safely insulated from the negative fallout of the sexual revolution which she and her radical feminist colleagues did so much to champion.”

“The other two women on the Supreme Court, Justices Kagan and Sotomayor, are childless,” she wrote. “It is highly unlikely that the two of them understand and respect the lives and aspirations of women…like me. And for less educated women, family is everything and ‘career’ is a job to put food on the table. Elite women know nothing of ‘everywoman,’ the people who have endured the sexual revolution, and who do not have high status jobs as compensation.”

She adds that while her life does “not depend on defending the Sexual Revolution,” by contrast, “for many Elite Women, the sexual revolution has made possible their lives as they know them. They literally cannot imagine what their lives would be like without contraception, with abortion as a backup plan.”

“I will never occupy the seats of power that are available to childless women,” Morse wrote. “We have good lives: I do not regret for one moment the choices I have made. But there is no getting around it: childless women have an advantage over mothers in the competition for power and influence.”

“All I can say is: thank God for the men on the Supreme Court. At least someone is sticking up for ‘everywoman’ against the Elite Women,” she concludes.

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