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Ex-Georgia GOP Aide Sues, Claims She Was Called a ‘House N*gger’

A former aide to the chairman of the Georgia Republican Party has filed a lawsuit accusing another GOP official of calling her a “house n*gger” as part of a long pattern of disrespect.

On Tuesday, Qiana Keith filed her lawsuit, alleging she was “belittled” while working as an executive assistant to Georgia GOP chair John Pagett.

Keith claims that while attending a Chairman’s Dinner last year, GOP accounting director Karen Hentschel replied to a complaint by financial director Margaret Poteet by saying, “Don’t worry about her; she is just a house n*gger.”

She also claims that she was to attend the event as Padgett’s aide but was replaced by a white man. When she raised the issue to executive director Andy Pipkin, he reportedly criticized her for seating an African American man at the same table as the chairman.

“Ms. Keith explained that she was just doing what she was told because Hentschel told her to ‘fill the f*cking seats’ when Ms. Keith asked about an empty seat at the Chairman’s table, but Pipkin ignored her,” the lawsuit says.

She also says she was mocked during a meeting where Poteet reportedly said, “I didn’t even know there were black people in Montana.”

The party has released a statement saying that when Keith brought forward the allegations, “We immediately undertook a full investigation of those claims and found that there was no merit to any of them. The party and Chairman Padgett will vigorously defend themselves in court against these completely unfounded claims.”

The party’s attorney, Anne Lewis, released a statement claiming that Keith was fired for “consistently poor job performance.”

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