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Columnist: Michelle Obama Was Born a Man, President ‘Spent 4th of July at a Mosque’

Renew America columnist Reverend Austin Miles apparently cited facts from the National Report, a satirical Onion-like fake news outlet, in his recent piece asserting that Michelle Obama was born a man and her husband spent the Fourth of July in a mosque.

“The best 4th of July celebration of all was the one held on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol,” Miles writes. “And how good it was to see shared patriotism, something we need more of. While America was watching this tribute to our country, Obama, according to news reports, spent his 4th of July at a Mosque and invited Muslims to be with him at the White House.”

Those news reports? Straight from the satirical National Report.

Later in his piece, he writes, “What did Joan Rivers mean when she called Obama Gay and Michelle Trans on national TV?” he asks. “Actually that idea has been bandied about for some time. There will no doubt be more to come. It is interesting to Google the name, Michael LaVaughn Robinson, who was born in Chicago along with Michelle Obama.”

The name Michael LaVaughn Robinson comes from a prank meme started years ago, jokingly asserting that Michelle was born a man.

Yesterday, we also reported that Alex Jones took to the airwaves to assert that Michelle Obama “doesn’t look like any black woman” he’s ever known, and later referred to her as “the first tranny.”

Of course, this was all kicked off when Joan Rivers told a “reporter” that we already have “our first gay president” and referred to Michelle Obama as “a tranny.”

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