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Tony Perkins: Obama’s Military Imposing ‘Sharia Law’

The Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins falsely claimed on his radio show that the Obama Administration is imposing Islamic law on the US military stationed in the Middle East.

Perkins believes that the military is imposing Sharia law on troops in Bahrain during Ramadan.

The actual story in Stars and Stripes that he cites in this report explains that American forces are subject to the laws of Bahrain when they are off the base. That means they may be detained or fined if they are “eating, drinking, or smoking in public” during the month-long Ramadan holiday during daylight hours. Of course, they can continue to do whatever they want on the base.

But, Perkins is not a “nuance man” and naturally blames this all on Obama.

“Thanks to the Obama administration, our military can finally practice a religion: Islam’s!” Perkins declared on his show. “While the military is kicking Bibles off of bases and forcing verses to be erased from personal spaces, it seems there is plenty of room for Ramadan.”

“The month-long Muslim holiday kicked off last week, and plenty of troops are celebrating – whether they want to or not,” Perkins asserted. “According to Stars and Stripes newspaper, the Pentagon is forcing service members to honor the Ramadan rules on everything from clothing to smoking to drinking coffee.”

“During the fast, soldiers were even told they’d be fined for eating or drinking off-base,” he continued. “To most of our troops, who can’t even practice their own religion under this administration, this is a slap in the face. Our troops are expected to observe the Muslim faith while the expression of their own Christianity is unwelcome in the military fighting for freedom. ‘Let us redeem the time for certainly the days are evil.’”

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  • Ronald N. Wall

    Tony Perkins is certifiably nuts. Everything he reads is through his anti-Obama, right-wing, fundamentalist lens. It is evident he doesn’t bother to actually read the entire article, only those phrases that match his insane ideology, which he then passes on to his low information, ignorant fundamentalist followers who never bother to read the article themselves. Off duty, U.S. Military personnel are subject to the laws of the countries they are stationed in unless otherwise specified in a Status of Forces agreement. This fact of being fined or jailed for doing these things off base during Ramadan in a Muslim country have been true long before Obama was elected. But, of course that simple fact does not fit into Perkins’ agenda, so he ignores it.