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‘You See an Illegal, You Point Your Gun Dead at Him’: Armed Vigilante Group Begins ‘Patrol’ to ‘Secure Border’

Conservative anti-immigrant militias armed with huge amounts of weapons are beginning to “patrol” the US-Mexico border because they feel the government is unable.

One such group, Operations Secure Our Border, is led by Chris Davis, a former Army private who was discharged in 2001 “under other than honorable conditions in lieu of a trial by court martial.”

The 37-year-old truck driver was a big supporter of Nevada Rancher Cliven Bundy and has now set up his own militia in Texas.

“We have patriots all across this country who are willing to sacrifice their time, money, even quit their jobs to come down and fight for freedom, liberty, and national sovereignty,” Davis told the San Antonio Express-News.

Of course, having armed vigilantes “policing” the border comes with a lot of concerns. The US Customs and Border Control says they do not “endorse or support any private group or organization taking matters into their own hands as it could have disastrous personal and public safety consequences.”

They have reason to be concerned.

In one video released by Davis, he says, “You see an illegal. You point your gun dead at him, right between his eyes, and you say, ‘Get back across the border or you will be shot.”

Of course, Davis says that quote was “taken out of context.”

“If we come across a family that may have made it across the border, we will give them water and food and make contact with ICE or Border Patrol and tell them we have these people here,” he said.

Davis adds, “Everybody realizes something has to be done and we are here to look out for our fellow man while ensuring our national sovereignty.”

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  • Scott Cornett

    Behold, the Child Killer Army! Service guarantees Citizenship! Because nothing says ‘Murka quite like second amendmenting a brown-skinned pre-teen to FREEDOM! [/braveheart]

  • pam95650

    Patriots? I think not.

  • Doc Hoilday

    SS ????

  • pwrserge

    So… When is the National Guard going to be deployed on the border so that civilians don’t have to risk their lives to secure it?

    • Truthforme

      Yes Mexico didn’t secure it’s borders, look what they lost Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico!

      • pwrserge

        Time to remind Mexico why the opening line of the Marine Corps hymn is “From the Halls of Montezuma,” They were the ones who attacked the US, we kicked their teeth in. Time to do it again.

        • Antonio Taylor

          So Mexico invaded the US? The land wasn’t Mexico’s to begin with?

          • pwrserge

            Not so much… Go read a history book about the cause of the Mexican-American war.

          • Antonio Taylor

            First of all, don’t assume I don’t know anything about American-Mexican relations. I know that this country has a habit of taking land from indigenous peoples. Maybe it’s you who should hit the books.

          • pwrserge

            “Indigenous peoples”? Really? Most Mexicans are of at least partially Spanish descent. If they are Natives, I’m a Mohican. Countries that lose wars they provoke don’t get to hold on to territory.

      • diablodejalisco

        and texas

    • diablodejalisco

      they arent. just dont worry so much. its not as bad as fox news makes it out to be.

      • pwrserge

        “How bad” it is is irrelevant. A single illegal crossing the border is a violation of US sovereignty. Since Mexico and Honduras refuse to secure their side of the border, it’s time they got a visit from a not-so-friendly carrier battle group and a few thousand Marines.

        • TGrinnalds

          Get serious.

          • pwrserge

            I am serious. They stop their citizens from invading our country or we bomb them back to the stone age and shoot any invaders on sight at the border.

  • Nancy

    Murder is murder and this is what is going to happen. I blame talk radio for this. I hope rush and hannity can sleep at night because they have blood on their hands

  • Truthforme

    They better hope they do not run into adults that are armed, not just the unarmed children fleeing violence to be greeted with more violence!

  • diablodejalisco

    wow, more idiots. i hope they dont kill each other or someones kid. these people are dangerous. they wont last long.

  • Guest

    Our law enforcement officials should arrest on sight anyone who gas pointed a firearm at an immigrant, legal or illegal. Brandishing a firearm, assault and threatening are all illegal activities, and nothing says the victim needs to be a U.S. citizen.

  • TGrinnalds

    Our law enforcement officials, including border guards, should arrest on sight anyone who has pointed a firearm at anyone, including an illegal immigrant. Brandishing a firearm, assault and threatening are all three three crimes, and it doesn’t matter that the victims are not U.S. citizens.

    • Antonio Taylor

      TGrinnards it’s nice to see someone with a heart. Funny how people forget that immigrants built this country.

    • pwrserge

      Except under statute, anybody in the process of committing a crime. (Such as crossing the border illegally.) May be detained by any citizen, by threat of force, or otherwise.

  • Mauricio Carvallan

    Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amen brothers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mauricio Carvallan

    Loooooooooooooooooooooong overdue!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mex, get out of My Country!!!!!!!!!!

  • MSB_Concerned_Citizen

    And they call this conservative? Anyone who thinks its okay to shoot someone between the eyes, especially someone who is unarmed, to me is not conservative, they are a radical extremist. This guys was discharged from the military for less than honorable conditions in lieu of of a trial by court martial. Perhaps he and his kind belong in jail.

  • How in the world was this quote taken out of context? It was very clear and there is no doubt that he meant what he said.

    • Antonio Taylor

      Of course he did. Backtracking is something idiots think they’re good at. If you don’t want people to know what you said don’t say it in front of a camera.