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Columnist: Anti-Gay Christians Will Face Persecution ‘Unlike Anything Previously Experienced in America’

WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah has taken issue with Politico’s characterization of evangelicals’ “longstanding hostility toward gay people,” saying that description is “hellishly bigoted.”

“I just read a Politico magazine piece that demonstrates why biblically minded Christians are becoming the targets of real bigotry and will, almost assuredly, soon be the victims of real persecution – unlike anything previously experienced in America,” Farah wrote

“Titled ‘Evangelicals are changing their minds on gay marriage,’ the article written by a religion reporter for the Orange County Register, focuses on ‘The Reformation Project,’ which is described as ‘a nationwide network of pro-gay evangelicals committed to ending their church’s longstanding hostility toward gay people,’” Farah says. “Let me be the first to say that this is a hellishly bigoted comment by people who claim to be fighting bigotry.”

“Today, in popular culture, it’s cool to be ‘gay’ – a word that has been hijacked by a political movement that embraces sin,” Farah states. “It may be popular to embrace sin today, but those who do so in the name of Christ are the ones who are truly hostile and unloving to homosexuals. They are actually condemning them to death.”

“There is nothing loving about rationalizing sin as an alternative lifestyle,” Farah continues. “But notice the way those who disagree with the view – all those who follow biblical Christianity – are portrayed: They are ‘hostile toward gay people.’ Where does that kind of thinking lead? It leads only one place – bigotry and persecution.”

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