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Todd Akin Blames ‘Legitimate Rape’ Election Loss on ‘Censorship of Truth’

Former Missouri Congressman Todd Akin is on a comeback tour and, in an interview with The Daily Caller, blamed his 2012 Senate loss on the establishment Republicans’ “anti-American agenda,” saying his own party sunk him with “censorship of the truth.”

Akin says he was simply trying to generate “patriotism in the hearts of Americans” when he claimed that women who are victims of “legitimate rape” do not get pregnant.

“I was elected for 24 years as a solid conservative,” Akin told The Daily Caller. “I was elected over and over again with good majorities. So I don’t think I’m an example of somebody who can’t win and my loss in 2012 was precipitated heavily by the direct attacks of the Republican Party leadership on our campaign.”

“There’s a fear on the part of the Republicans of the tremendous weapon of the Democrats and the elite liberal media, and the fact that they can target somebody for just the mere poor choice of words and take them from a respected Congressman to the worst bum in the world in a matter of a week,” he complained.

“They’re not only doing media assassinations, but they’re coupling that with a censorship of truth,” Akin continued. “It’s not even a dual standard! This is a violation of the sacred trust of the public. It’s an intentional decision to advance a very anti-American agenda.”

He also criticized Republicans for their “lax abortion stance.”

“They chose a message very carefully so they could defend it,” Akin stated. “But it was a very poor message because it wasn’t something that was going to generate any passion, love or patriotism in the hearts of Americans.”

You know, unlike saying that rape victims don’t get pregnant…

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