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Republican Candidate: ‘Knocked Up’ Women Don’t Deserve Wedding, Should ‘Get Married Quietly’

A Republican candidate running for a Minnesota House of Representatives seat has drawn the scorn of women’s groups after posting controversial statements on her website.

Sheila Kihne, who is running in a primary race against Rep. Jennifer Loon, used to run a blog where she voiced her thoughts on the political and social issues of the day. You know, things like “Barack Obama is part of the one-world-order communists.”

In one posting, she writes, “Don’t you think that if you’re having a baby – and you’re not married – that you should forego the shower? I also think that if you get married – and are knocked up – you should get married quietly. At a courthouse, at a private home. There should be no 1. Dance 2. Dinner.”

“I seem as very cold-hearted with this issue and it’s caused a couple of big arguments in my family,” she continues. “I never blame the children involved – but I certainly feel sorry for them because they’re immediately at a disadvantage with only one parent.”

“When somebody gets knocked up – without being married – you’re just supposed to hop on board,” she complains. “You’re not allowed to say a thing – it’s none of your business of course – but when it comes time for baby showers and weddings, rest assured you’re going to be on the invite list.”

“I picked up the Target registry for the un-wed mom-to-be yesterday,” she recalls. “I started laughing out loud. Among the basics of onesies, baby monitors, high chairs – one item stood out – a $180 portable DVD player. Now THAT’s moxie.”

Personally, as a writer, I consider Kihne unelectable for her gross abuse of em dashes in her writings alone.

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