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Republican Candidate: You Should Vote For Me Because ‘I’m Christian,’ Calls Muslim Opponent is Unpatriotic

Tennessee Republican Coffee County Commissioner Mark Kelly reportedly sent a letter to voters alleging that his Muslim opponent is unpatriotic because he is against having the American flag and the Bible in public – even though he couldn’t cite any instances of his opponent saying these things.

The Tennessean reports that Kelly said his Muslim challenger, Zak Mohyuddin, has called for the American flag and Bible to be removed, even though “Kelly was unable to cite any specific instance when Mohyuddin made such statements.”

Kelly told the paper that the intent of the letter was just to remind voters of “the difference between two people.” As Right Wing Watch reports, “namely that he is Christian and Mohyuddin is not.”

In the letter, Kelly wrote, “My opponent has expressed his beliefs publicly that the United States is not a Christian nation; that the American flag should be removed from public buildings because it is a symbol of tyranny and oppression; that public prayer should be banned because it insults non-Christians; and that the Bible should be removed from public spaces.”

“That is a very serious allegation,” Mohyuddin replied to the statement. “What he is saying is vile and offensive and completely untrue. It’s an attack on my patriotism. I have never said any words even close to that in public or in private. It is absolutely lies. It’s like he doesn’t know me.”

Kelly does know Mohyuddin. In fact, he’s known him for 25 years and helped him move into his house.

Kelly says, “I am a Christian and have been and will be. Zak isn’t, and he has a different faith and there are a lot of different faiths. I am standing on my values and my record. The point of the letter was to encourage the conservative base to get out and vote. It was simply to show the difference in views between two people, not that one is right or wrong, just a difference.”

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  • MJRinPA

    Telling lies vs truth seems to be the biggest difference between these 2 people.

    • Goforride

      Ah, Christians.

  • Dale Mulkey

    Republican Christian scum. How very nice of him

  • jchastn

    Why do all christians lie?

    • Thomas Fisher

      Because their religion, like all religions, is based on a lie.

  • J. Kevin Michel

    So Mr. Kelly PROVES he is not a Christian by the statements in his letter which he knows to be false. That my friends, is a perfect example of what a “Christian” would call bearing false witness against his neighbor.

    • Goforride

      No, no. Mr. Kelly can very well be a Christian. He’s just enjoying how “flexible” Christianity can be.

  • Louis Perez

    They are heathens.