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Conservative Pundit: Obama Is a Muslim, Secret Terrorist Supporter

Brigitte Gabriel, the founder of Act for America, a nonprofit that promotes “national security and the defense of American democratic values against the assault of Radical Islam,” appeared on “Truenews” to claim that President Obama is secretly a Muslim and imply that he supports terrorists.

Host Rick Wiles alleged that Obama is “outright arming and training and assisting radical jihadist groups in the Middle East such as ISIS.” He added that Obama “engineered” a “massive cover-up” of the Benghazi attack.

Gabriel reasoned that Obama was “raised as a Muslim child and idealized his Muslim father.”

Mind you, Obama’s father was an atheist and there is no evidence Obama was raised Muslim, but why let a few facts get in the way of a couple of agenda-driven hate-peddlers pushing their worldview?

Gabriel then claimed that Obama sided with the Muslim Brotherhood and insinuated he’s a radical Muslim himself, saying, “You know the old saying about a duck, if it waddles like a duck and it quacks like a duck…”

“It’s a duck,” Gabriel said.

Wiles then added, “He’s not only pro-Islam, he’s pro-jihadist Islam. Let’s be blunt about it, he’s not sympathetic to the Muslim religion, his foreign policies and his strategies and his covert operations are aiding and helping and funding jihadist terrorists in the Middle East.”

Gabriel then added that Obama sees terrorists as “good freedom fighters,” saying, “He had friends who were terrorists. He does not look at his friends as terrorists, he looks at his friends as freedom fighters.”

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  • Wendell Craig Woods

    Not even worth dignifying with a response!!! #WhatADumbBroad

  • Stacie

    15 mins of fame PLEASE. Where is the proof? Now we have proof that the Senators of the Green room McCain and L . Graham went to Saudi Arabia and made a deal with the Prince of Defense to arm the rebels in Syria which has now turned into ISIS.

  • lugnut

    Another little stink pot want to make the big times, by trashing Obama, Moron can only go as far as that dying breed of tea klan kluxer bubble. Go somewhere and sit your a** down.You are telling the haters what they want to hear. But you could get rich like Sarah and coulter, better hurry up though, the money is being spread thin, since there are so many of you nuts out there. You have to compete for the crazies.

  • Terry Madison

    She will probably be given a job at Faux News. WTF is wrong with these people!?

  • Jenjen

    I’m a leftylib but what is this about? http://www.businessinsider.com/gaza-conflict-qatar-us-relations-2014-7
    No, I don’t think President Obama is a Muslim lol, I voted for him (twice;) but I don’t like that Qatar business one bit.

    • Calvinius

      We’ve been selling weapons to Qatar for decades.

      • Jenjen

        Since the ban was lifted in the early 90’s, I’m aware. But the timing, with our ally Israel fighting Hamas and Qatar supporting Hamas, just doesn’t seem too bright. Did congress support this recent sale, do you know? I’m thinking they must have or we’d hear more stupid accusations like this article…

  • Anthony Jones

    …..and you wonder why your tax status was being investigated.

  • Arlene A LeBeauf

    OMG..And I am 67 years old 2 daughters and a VIRGIN!!

  • Carlos Pabon

    Ignorance being reported on Fox news… wow, umm surprising.

  • barbaralee12

    Where were all these black people when Bush was in office?Miseducation of the Negro.