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Columnist Cites ‘Small Private Poll of Facebook Friends’ As Proof Voters Want to Impeach Obama

WorldNetDaily has published a new piece by J.B. Williams in which he states that “only impeachment can save the Republican Party or the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America at this point.”

“Even in a small private poll of my Facebook friends, 93% say impeach and incarcerate the entire Obama regime,” Williams writes. “The message from pro-American voters is totally unambiguous. Impeach!”

Good thing the country isn’t made up of Williams’ Facebook friends.

“Nearly every American, including many black, poor, and middle income Democrats know that the Obama regime is the most impeachable administration in U.S. history,” Williams wrote. “Certainly every congressional Republican knows it, after six years on the sidelines of federal government while the dictator-in-chief operates as if there is but one branch of government today.”

“Yet congressional Republicans have locked themselves into a suicidal game of Russian roulette over impeachment, refusing to even entertain the idea of impeaching the most impeachable administration in history, as public calls for impeachment become increasingly desperate,” he continued.

Then, he says that not only should Obama be impeached but that the rules of how the impeachment process works need to be changed to make it more likely that Obama is kicked out of office.

“It’s not ‘Harry Reid’s Senate,’” he says. “It is the United States Senate. It belongs to the American people, not Harry Reid or his Democratic Socialist Party of communist criminal misfits. Harry Reid cannot preside over impeachment, nor can he control the outcome of the trial in any fashion. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court must preside and members of the Senate must conduct themselves in a very specific manner under their oath of office and Senate Rules of Impeachment. They are not legislators in an impeachment trial, they are jurors. They must follow the evidence presented and the law.”

In conclusion, Williams states, “Only impeachment can save the Republican Party or the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America at this point.”

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