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Columnist: Obama’s Birth Certificate is a Lie, Just Like Climate Change

WorldNetDaily columnist Lord Christopher Monckton has written a new piece asserting that President Obama’s birth certificate is fake – and so is the science on climate change.

Monckton cites Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigation of Obama’s birth certificate writing that his team, “after some weeks, reported that they were themselves unhappy with the document and wanted to investigate further.”

“Six months later,” he says,” he went public and said there was probable cause to suggest the White house document was a forgery. Yet his press conference, apart from a very brief item on CNN, got virtually no major news coverage.”

“Any [Attorney General] worth his salt would by now have gone straight to the federal district court and asked for orders requiring the state of Hawaii to hand over the original ‘birth certificate’ and related documents for forensic examination,” he asserted.

He then turns to climate change (you know, another liberal conspiracy), writing, “The debate about the ‘birth certificate’ is similar to the debate about the climate. As with the ‘birth certificate,’ so with the climate, the left have sullenly adopted a preconceived notion, and since they overwhelmingly control the news media, they are unwilling to allow any fact to be published if that fact runs counter to the Party Line.”

“So the voters are not given a fair selection of the facts on climate, on the ‘birth certificate’ or on many other subjects where the ‘liberal’ majority in the news media simply refuses to keep them briefed,” he continues. “Herein lies a grave danger to democracy. For if the news media, whatever their opinion, will not report the facts on both sides of a question, how can the voters obtain enough information to reach a fair decision on the basis of the evidence?”

“That is one of many reasons why I hope that Sheriff Joe will persist in his investigation until he leaves the attorney general of Arizona no option but to do the right thing,” he concludes. “If Sheriff Joe eventually succeeds in proving before a jury that the ‘birth certificate’ is a forgery, the voters will rightly be furious that – unless they had been fortunate enough to read WND – they had not previously been given any of the key facts behind the investigation. Then, perhaps, they will realize that news media controlled by the left can no longer be trusted. They will cease to subscribe to those media that have become most clearly prejudiced. And, by withdrawing their custom, they will drive those media out of business.”

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