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Pat Robertson’s Tips for the Ladies: ‘Modesty is Hottest”

The 700 Club ran a segment to promote “modesty” for young women, even featuring Pat Robertson giving a few fashion tips.

“We can reach girls between the ages of eight and 12,” CBN reporter Jennifer Wishon said. “And teach them modesty. You really can change the trajectory of their lives.”

“That’s the point,” Secret Keeper Girl’s Dannah Gresh replied. “Doing it before the age of 12 is critical to putting her on a pathway to purity.”

“And what about boys and men?” Wishon asked. “The Bible doesn’t offer any modesty instructions for them. Gresh suggests it’s because men are more vulnerable to the beauty of women than women are to the allure of men.”

“Do women have a responsibility to help protect the eyes of men who tend to be more visual,” Wishon asked.

“A woman is called to exemplify fruits of the spirit and we need to be able to exemplify that in the way we dress,” Gresh replied.

After the segment, cameras returned to the studio where Robertson and co-host Wendy Griffith reminded women that modesty is “sexy.”

In my book, “I have a chapter called ‘Purity is Sexy,’” Griffith said. “And you know, you’re a guy, guys don’t want to see it all, they like the mystery, isn’t that right?”

“Absolutely,” Robertson replied. “A lace stocking is more sensual than a bare leg. It’s the illusion that there’s something behind it.”

“Modesty is hottest,” Griffith said.

“Modesty is hottest,” Robertson agreed. “I think once it becomes cool, then it will catch on. Until it is cool, then the girls want to be cool, they want to be hip, they want to do what’s in.”

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