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Radio Host: Transgender FBI Agents Will Come After You Thanks to Obama’s ENDA Executive Order

American Family Association government affairs director and radio host Sandy Rios told her listeners that Obama’s recent executive order to protect LGBT employees from discrimination by federal contractors will lead to male FBI agents in dresses coming after anti-gay Christians.

The order “means, of course, that maybe in six weeks or so maybe your doorbell will ring and you will have the privilege of being interviewed by an FBI agent male wearing a dress, because that’s really what this does mean, this is stunning,” she said.

Rios also called Obama “a rock star” for the LGBT community and a “phony Christian.”

She doesn’t believe “the notion that Barack Obama is a Christ follower,” she said.

“I can say I’m a ballerina but it doesn’t make it so,” she stated. “A Christian, a Christ follower does not legislate ad naseum rights and benefits and privileges for people who are in a lifestyle that is at odds with biblical truth, just doesn’t do it. There’s the president of the United States, all about homosexuality.”

Rios doesn’t limit her homophobia to just Democrats, however.

In June, she accused Illinois Republican Senator Mark Kirk of being a “closet homosexual” who is out to ruin the Republican Party.

On her show, Rios said that John McCain went on a campaign to “purge the Republican Party of conservative candidates” and “turn the Republican Party blue” after he lost to Obama.

“He decided that Mark Kirk was his first pick,” Rios alleged. “Many of us in Illinois at the time, conservatives, knew that this was going to be a disaster.”

Kirk showed that “he was not an honest person” during the campaign and “we also knew that he was a closet homosexual,” Rios asserted.

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