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‘You Know That’s F***ing Ridiculous, Right?’: Jon Stewart Tears Andrew Cuomo For Corruption

In a segment on The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart slammed New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for creating a panel to “root out corruption” in the legislature, only to stop them from “getting too close to investigating him.”

“New York has had its fair share of Albany-based corruption in recent years,” Stewart said. “Whether it be New York State Senator Malcolm Smith trying to buy his way on the mayoral ballot last year… or State Assembly Eric Stevenson, caught accepting bribes for legislation. On a wire sting conducted by another assemblyman, Mr. Castro, cooperating, most likely after being indicted himself on perjury charges.”

“Yes, Albany is a Shitman’s Sampler of corruption,” Stewart quipped. “But a few years back, there emerged a man promising to change all that. A corruption-battling attorney general, no not the one who had to resign in his own personal corruption scandal. Andrew Cuomo, who campaigned for governor on one oft-repeated pledge.”

“It’s about time we clean up Albany,” Cuomo repeatedly said in a montage.

“Cuomo was elected and then tried to enact something called The Public Trust act, which would enhance prosecutors’ abilities to crack down on public corruption.”

After legislators failed to pass the bill, Cuomo created his own commission to investigate corruption in the legislature.

Last month, Cuomo agreed to disband the commission and in return congress passed the ethics act.

Stewart then played a clip of a news report stating that “after appointing the commission, the governor’s office interfered with its work, objecting whenever the commission focused on groups with ties to Mr. Cuomo or on issues that might reflect poorly on him.”

“Basically Cuomo formed a commission promising they can even look at me, and then when they looked at him he said, ‘You lookin’ at me?’” Stewart said. After playing a clip of Cuomo saying that he disbanded the commission because of a conflict of interest because the commission started looking into him, Stewart shot back, “You know that’s f***ing ridiculous, right?”

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