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Columnist: Obama Bringing ISIS Terrorists Into America

In a new piece published by conservative opinion site BarbWire, conservative columnist Sher Zieve calls President Obama a Satan follower and says he’s bringing thousands of ISIS and MS-13 gang members into the United States.

“As I’ve written repeatedly, the American people–including African-Americans and other Blacks–are being replaced,” Zieve writes. “Obama and the Dems know the onslaught is coming against them this November because of their never-ending attacks against us all. Too many people for the Democrats’ liking have awakened to the truth…as the polls now affirm.”

“Therefore, it’s time to replace the current population in the US to incorporate non-English speakers who will vote for anyone who gives them free stuff; something in which the Obama crime syndicate excels,” she asserts. “And don’t think that these are just children. Obama has already brought in hundreds if not thousands of MS-13 gang members and Islamists…including ISIS/ISIL members.”

“As few seem interested in saving their country–or even themselves–better think about how much ammo you have on hand,” she warns. “The ObamaGestapo won’t go against the criminal element, folks. They’re coming for those who follow the US Constitution and US law. That’s us…”

She concludes her piece (as all columnists should…..) with a Bible verse.

“The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with the work of Satan displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs, and wonders – 2 Thessalonians 2:9”

This is similar to her first column on BarbWire in which she writes that Obama “has invited immigrants into the country as a foreign invasion force to replace US citizens and bring down the USA,” because he seeks “the destruction of the American people.”

She goes on to say that the “faux POTUS” is trying to “replace all Islamic Shia countries with Islamic Sunnis” and “kill free speech for conservatives all those of non-Islamic religions… especially Christians and Jews.”

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Igor Derysh is the Managing Editor of Latest. com and a syndicated columnist whose work has appeared in The Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Boston Herald, Baltimore Sun, and Orlando Sun Sentinel, and AOL News. His work has been criticized in even more publications. Follow him on Twitter @IgorDerysh

  • Leftcoastrocky

    You have a screw loose, Sher.

  • mueizzathecat

    Mental case who needs medication..

  • Annie Kemps

    another republican media hound on crack it appears.

  • J. Kevin Michel

    Wow! Maybe we need a dedicated power station just to provide therapeutic voltage to these nut jobs!

  • hassan

    the whole world knows that is is working for Americas interest … its time the world hold those who created ISIS and Al Qaeda responsible for their creation .. 911 was done by Saudis .. and America invaded Afghanastan and Iraq ,, and did what ever they wanted in Pakistan .. so who benefitted from 911 ? jihadist are flown in from all end of the earth to fight those who oppose Israel while today Israel is poundingGaza while the jihadist are next door fight Hizbullah and Assad .. can’t war till i see the Saudi family dragged in the streets ..

  • hassan

    ISIS Isreal Saudi Intel Service

  • curryeckelhoff

    I just wish I could be around when history books write about this President and the do-nothing Congress he has had to deal with. He is the best President in a long time–oh, yes, I also like Bill Clinton–and history will show how this President made progress despite the Rerpubicans. Reporters like this are sick as well as ignorant.
    Just imagine what this President could have accomplished if given half a chance…