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Todd Akin: September 11 Attacks Proved Liberals Wrong About Everything

In an interview with WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah, former Congressman and failed Senate candidate Todd Akin asserted that the September 11, 2001 attacks shocked liberals into “silence.”

“We almost live in a culture where people want to believe something, even though it isn’t true,” Akin said. “And I found, being in politics, that people believe what they want to believe not what’s true.”

“I’ll give you an example of that, across the whole country, people who all of a sudden were shocked to find that one of their life premises was totally wrong,” he continues. “And that was September 11. You have, all of a sudden, a bunch of people who don’t know any of us came from some foreign country, hijacked some jets, wiped out thousands of people, because they figured we deserved it.”

“And all of a sudden, liberals all over America were confronted with this idea that there are people who are really sinful, there are really bad people in this world and they hate us even though they don’t know us,” he said. “There were six months of just silence from the left. Because they were trying to, ‘How do I put this idea in my mind? We don’t need any defense in America.’ Oh yeah? Are you sure we don’t?”

“You can drive your Prius around with your yoga stickers and whatever, but these people still hate you,” Akin mocked. “Liberals want to believe, ‘can’t we all love each other, coexist?’ A coexist sticker didn’t keep those planes from hitting the towers.”

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