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Introducing ReaganBook, The ‘Facebook For Patriots’ and Its 36 Members

Last week, the Ohio Liberty Coalition held a “Reload 4 Liberty” event at which Janet Porter discussed her anti-choice “Heartbeat Bill” that she is trying to push. RightWingWatch reports that she is now also working on a website called ReaganBook with the purpose of becoming “the Facebook for patriots.”

“Tomorrow, Facebook employees are gathering to go march in the gay pride parade in San Francisco,” Porter told the audience, which drew a laugh for some reason. “I’m not kidding. Why they’re censoring you, why they kick people off for having an unpopular belief like being in favor of marriage… Like Peter LaBarbera, taken off Facebook.”

“They’re censoring things,” she continued. “And I’m not saying that you shouldn’t use it, but I think there’s a better way. We have now pre-launched, nobody knows about this yet, I’ll tell you why, because there’s no one I’d rather use this tool than you. It’s ReaganBook, it’s the Facebook for patriots. We’re tearing down walls, get it? We’re tearing down the walls of tyranny, of censorship.”

ReaganBook is already up and you should feel free to join and participate, though there might not be much interaction since the site boasts just 36 members at the time of this writing.

“Connect and share freely with the people in your life,” the site says. “We stand by what Ronald Reagan said, ‘Government has no power except those voluntarily granted to it by we the people.’ The same holds true for your social media: don’t grant your social media any power to collect, sell, exploit, and divulge your private information. Join ReaganBook.com!”

The site then features a Ronald Reagan quote, “We built it, we paid for it, it’s ours, we’re going to keep it.”

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