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Pregnant Woman ‘Accidentally Killed by Friend’ Who Shot Her in the Head While ‘Showing Off Gun Collection’

A five-months-pregnant Florida woman and her unborn child died after she was accidentally shot in the head by a friend who was showing her his gun collection.

On Sunday, 25-year-old Katherine Lynn Hoover passed away after she was shot in the home of William DeHayes.

DeHayes reportedly accidentally shot her while passing her a gun that she and her husband, Carson Hoover, were admiring.

“We feel terrible about the whole thing,” William’s father Don DeHayes told WTSP.

Police are investigating the incident but neighbors are skeptical the woman’s death was just an accident.

“It’s very hard to believe it was an accident, especially point blank in the temple, that’s hard to understand,” neighbor Josh Hady said.

Hoover was taken to Bayfront Health Brooksville and had to be airlifted to Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point.

At the hospital, doctors took her into surgery and removed the baby but pronounced the child dead a half hour later.

Hoover’s husband Carson, who was there for the whole thing, is “very distraught.”

“I just got off the phone with him and he is very upset and going through the range of emotions a normal person would,” family friend Gregory Stewart told The Tampa Bay Tribune. “He’s not sleeping, very traumatized. Carson is an all-around nice guy and a very good family man. He has two children now he has to take care of. That will be difficult.”

Hoover’s brother, Gary Bryan, told the Times that the entire family is still in shock.

“What happened is truly a tragic shock,” Bryan said. “My sister was a wonderful and special woman. She was a wonderful wife and mother. She had gotten married and was getting herself established.”

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