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Michele Bachmann: Obama Wants to Use Unaccompanied Children for Medical Experiments

Appearing on a show called ‘WallBuilders Live,’ Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann presented her theory that President Obama wants to use the unaccompanied illegal immigrant children for medical experiments.

The whole thing centers around a right-wing conspiracy theory over the case of Justina Pelletier.

RightWingWatch reports that Bachmann has introduced a bill called Justina’s Law after the girl was placed in custody of the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families because of a “dispute between Boston Children’s Hospital and her parents, who were backed by other doctors from Tufts Medical Center, over her medical diagnosis.”

Bachmann’s law would ban “federal funding for medical experimentation for a ward of the State” because the right believes that Boston’s Children Hospital “had received a federal grant to study somatoform disorder which prompted doctors to diagnose Pelletier with that condition so that the state could take custody of her and then use her as a guinea pig in the hospital’s medical experiments.”

Of course, that isn’t the case, and RightWingWatch points out that the “entire narrative is based on a bizarre misreading of the hospital’s policy for allowing Wards of the state to participate in medical research trials, which is actually designed to protect such wards.”

Despite all that, Bachmann now says, “President Obama is trying to bring all of those foreign nationals, those illegal aliens to the country and he has said that he will put them in the foster care system. That’s more kids that you can see how – we can’t imagine doing this, but if you have a hospital and they are getting millions of dollars in government grants if they can conduct medical research on somebody, and a Ward of the state can’t say ‘no,’ a little kid can’t say ‘no’ if they’re a Ward of the state; so here you could have this institution getting millions of dollars from our government to do medical experimentation and a kid can’t even say ‘no.’ It’s sick.”

It is sick. Michele Bachmann has a pretty twisted imagination.

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