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Ann Coulter: Why Can’t We Deal With Child Migrants The Way Netanyahu Deals With Hamas?

Appearing on Fox News’ Hannity, Ann Coulter said she wished that Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu were our president so that he would deal with the border problem the way he does with Gaza.

You know, because apparently Guatemalan child migrants are chucking rockets into South Texas.

“More than a hundred tunnels have been found on our border,” Coulter said. “To smuggle in weapons, guns, they’re invading, they’re murdering, they’re raping. The head of the DEA said about a year ago that he thinks the surge of homicides in Chicago is a Mexican drug cartel.”

“We want nothing passed because this is on the border, this alleged emergency, and it’s a fake emergency,” Coulter said. “What is happening is Obama is violating the law as written, none of these kids should be getting in.”

“We are being invaded and I just wish we would talk about our border the way we talk about Israel’s border,” Coulter lamented.

“We need a Netanyahu here,” she asserted. “Can you imagine all these – yes, sometimes Palestinian kids get killed – that’s because they are, they’re associated with a terrorist organization that is harming Israel, and Netanyahu doesn’t care what the religious leaders say, weeping about Palestinian children. He doesn’t care what the UN says. He doesn’t care what the media says.”

Sounds like a swell guy.

“We are a country, we have borders, and Netanyahu enforces them,” she concluded. “Why can’t we do that in America?”

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