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Sean Hannity: Why Didn’t Obama ‘Hand Over His Birth Certificate Like Everybody Else?’

On his radio show on Wednesday, Sean Hannity decided to beat a dead horse yet again, questioning why it took so long for President Obama to release his birth certificate.

“I actually think at this point the president wants – he loves to be the victim, I’m beginning to notice, a victim of birtherism… I just thought it was strange that he, the president, didn’t hand over his birth certificate like everybody else,” Hannity said.

Obama did release a “certification of live birth” in 2008 during the campaign and ultimately gave in and released the long-form birth certificate in 2011.

“Now I know the president felt he was uniquely qualified to deal with issues involving the Muslim world because he went to school in Jakarta as a child, a Muslim school, and he said one of the most beautiful things – he said this to Nicholas Kristof at The New York Times – one of the most beautiful sights in the world is Muslim prayer at sunset,” Hannity went on. “He said those things in that interview. It was in Jakarta.”

Hannity then noted that Donald Trump offered $50 million for Obama’s birth records, saying, “This went on forever. I just thought it was odd, not to turn over your birth certificate.”

Of course, the birthers never died, they just got pushed off mainstream networks.

Just last week, Christopher Monckton wrote a column for WND in which he asserts, as Sheriff Joe Arpaio did, that Obama’s birth certificate is a fake (just like climate change).

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  • 2Smart2bGOP

    Hannity needs to understand the difference between evidence not produced and evidence never acknowledged. If you squeeze your eyes shut, stuff your fingers into your ears, and yell, “la-la-la-la-la,” chances are pretty good that you won’t see or hear anything that you don’t want to.

  • LyndaLBD

    Do they ever get tired of hearing their own voice. Beat a dead horse someplace else. He’s AMERICAN BORN!!!

  • Inspiridos

    Seriously? No one else … had … to produce; it wasn’t demanded of anyone else. Hannity is a xenophobic imbecile.

  • Debra C

    Amazing. They’ve clearly got nothing left.
    So he says President Obama’s birth certificate is fake and he is not American, despite being born to an American woman, in the USA.
    Nowhere does this imbecile depict Ted Cruz as not being American, even though he was born in Canada…… Because he was born to an American woman?

    • Amy Washburn

      Well, in point of fact with regard to Cruz, that’s correct. The Naturalization Act of 1785, last reauthorized in the 1950s but still valid law, actually states that if either of your parents is a US citizen, so are you – regardless of where you were born. And the 14th Amendment provides that if you were born here, then you’re a citizen, regardless of what citizenship your parents held at the time. Cruz is technically entitled to claim 3 countries’ citizenship. His father was a Cuban citizen with a US green card and a Canadian work permit, his mother was an American citizen with a Canadian visa, and he was born in Canada. So he could claim any – or all – of the three. He’s chosen to claim US citizenship, but it doesn’t matter, because he was “natural born” – a citizen at birth by right of parentage. The only other kind of citizen is one who was “naturalized” – who takes the exam and swears the oath upon reaching the age of majority. Neither Cruz nor Obama had to do that, because they were both “natural born” citizens. Period.

  • Dave

    Hey Sean…..I’m still waiting for your promise of getting yourself water-boarded…….and still waiting……..

  • Dale Mulkey

    Republicans are nothing but trash and need to be treated as such

  • UltraL

    Right, Sean – Obama has loved 6 years of idiots such as yourself imagining problems with his birth, so now he can say “poor, poor me!” Hard to believe such stupidity exists, much less has become wealthy using it for entertainment. How many monkeys sitting in a room does it take to write this kind of fantasy? They let them work much shorter than it would have taken to write Shakespeare.