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Columnist ‘Unmosques’ The ‘Jihadist in the White House’

Anti-Muslim activist Pamela Geller has penned a new column for ultra-right-wing “news” site WorldNetDaily, claiming President Obama has “switched sides” in the Middle East conflict and has “alined with the jihad force.”

Obama has been “unmosqued” as the “jihadist in the White House” where “Jew-hatred is policy,” Geller writes.

“I have said for years that Obama had switched sides and was aligned with the jihad force,” she writes. “This horrible war has not only exposed Hamas’ terror tunnels; it has unmasked and unmosqued Barack Hussein Obama.”

How proud of herself do you think Geller was over that “unmosqued” thing? Definitely some self-back-patting going on.

“Jihadist in the White House,” she says.”At home and abroad, Jew-hatred is policy. Everybody knows that Israel is turning itself inside out to avoid civilian deaths – a civilian population that elected Hamas, no less. This is war. War is hell. Things happen. People die. A perfect war – is that the standard Israel is supposed to adhere to? And what is that, anyway?”

She then goes into full self-congratulatory mode.

“In 2010 I wrote an article for The American Thinker entitled, ‘Switching Sides,’ in which I wrote: ‘In a stunning and historic reversal of American foreign policy, the United States is now backing one of the same horses it fought during World War II,” she continues. “Instead of fighting against Nazism and racism, Obama has effectively joined the jihad waged during World War II by the Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini.’”

“In 2012, heads exploded over at the uber-left nonprofit Media Matters (which operates as a PR firm for Obama) when I said Obama had ‘switched sides’ on an appearance on Hannity,” she concludes. “And of course, I was right – as predicted in my 2010 book, ‘The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America.’ Israel must defy the Muslim Brotherhood leader in the White House and destroy Hamas, or it will be destroyed.”

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