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Hilarious Photos: Couple Trolls Anti-Abortion Protesters With Way Funnier Signs

A North Carolina couple is making a name for themselves by counter-protesting anti-abortion picketers with witty signs mocking them.

Since March, Grayson and Tina Haver Currin have been counter-protesting pro-life activists at a nearby abortion clinic.

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“They pray for us,” Grayson told The Daily Mail. “They tell us that God will destroy the wicked including us. They tell us that we were once sinners just like them. They tell us that we’re angry because we believe in God so much it hurts us – this one is particularly cute.”

“But mostly, they put down their signs and bullhorns and berate us instead of the women and families going into the clinic for whatever reason they might have,” he says. “That is the goal – to provide a distraction and shield for the people who need the clinic. And the ultimate goal is to drive these people away completely.”

“There are things that need protesting in this world, and we’re not always sure how to protest them,” Grayson added. “By adding humor, we’ve refused to have an argument with the pro-life movement because we know that argument will not be won. The argument must be changed. This is a conversation about equality and freedom.”

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“The goal has never been to go viral, to be some cute Internet couple or whatnot,” they say. “The goal has been and remains to shame people who feel like shaming women and families exercising their legal right and to distract them from shaming those people.”

Several copycat counter-protests have already sprung up, including several last week in San Francisco.

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