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Right Wing Rant: ‘A Christian Who Votes For a Democrat Maybe Isn’t Really a Christian’

Far-right pundit “Coach” Dave Daubenmire has posted a new video rant in which he asks, “Can a Christian vote for a Democrat?”

No, is his predictable answer, seeing as how the Democrats “have become the party of death” by supporting abortion and the homosexual “deathstyle.”

“Two of the main platforms that the Democrats use to try to win votes, one, as I said, is abortion,” Daubenmire says. “The right to kill a baby. And the second, yep, homosexuality. Now friends, homosexuality is a deathstyle, it’s not a lifestyle.”

“The medical consequences of doing what homosexuals do is staggering,” he says. “Not only to them, but the medical system, the Obamacare – do you know that when you support Obamacare you support the medical care of those who are engaged in self-destructive behaviors, including male-on-male sodomy? It’s deadly. Statistics were released just recently, show that AIDS is on the rise again.”

“Who is the greatest perpetrators of homosexual rights and homosexual marriage?” he asks. “You got it. The Democratic Party. The Democratic Party. How can a Christian support homosexuality, the legalization of homosexuality, and the killing of unborn children? How can any Christian support that?”

“The Democrats, as far as the laws of nature, the Democrats are on the wrong side of almost everyone of those moral issues,” he concludes. “And I say that a Christian who votes for a Democrat maybe isn’t really a Christian.”

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  • twall10107

    The “unnatural union” that’s threatening the U.S. is the marriage between politic and religion. The age of the priest-kings, the pontifex maximus & state religion, ended long ago in the West. The spectacle of warring Christian sects anathematizing and exterminating each other was as repellant to our Founders as the ongoing Muslim fratricide is to us. Well, to most of us, anyhow.
    Let’s not go there, Coach! Let’s study history and reap the benefits, as the Constitutionalists hoped we would continue to do.

  • Eady Trice Morgan

    These people have made me scratch my head bald with their nonsense

  • kg

    I hope this guy pays good attention to his daughters/ granddaughters, sisters, any woman in his life, because unplanned pregnancy happends, also to anyone in his life who’s hiding in a closet from him!
    What a closed-minded, living in an enclosed bible, idiot this guy is and Why does he get to be put our there in the media?

  • whatcom_bassist

    I’m a Christian because I try to follow the example of Jesus. This a$$clown has no idea about what being a Christian means.