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‘Screw That Guy!’: Jon Stewart Slams GOP For Caving to Ted Cruz on Immigration

On Monday, Daily Show host Jon Stewart slammed Republicans for letting Tea Party Senator Ted Cruz persuade the party not to address the influx of illegal immigrants at the US-Mexico border by hosting a pizza and beer party for his colleagues.

“Why cares about Senator Ted Cruz?” Stewart asked. “He’s in the Senate. They already did nothing. Pizza or no pizza, screw that guy. Who cares what he thinks?”

“The Senate’s already out, so nothing in this bill matters anyway,” Stewart continued. “Why not have some fun with it? Minors must be deported via circus cannon. Or, replace the border with a Wipeout course, and if you get through, you’re in. Dress the Border Patrol up as Mounties so that they think they’ve come here and gone too far, and they’ll turn back around.”

Stewart said that by letting Cruz dissuade any positive efforts, Boehner is basically calling for Obama to act unilaterally.

“I’m pretty sure there’s a guy right now suing the president for that,” Stewart quipped. “If Boehner ever gets a hold of that other Boehner, his face is gonna be so reddish-orange.”

It wasn’t just Stewart mocking Boehner, former Republican National Committee head Michael Steele jumped in on the action as well.

On MSNBC, Steele said, “For John Boehner, whenever any of his members says, ‘Hey, I’m about to have pizza and beer with Ted Cruz,’ he should be concerned. Really look at the calendar and see if there’s a vote coming up,” adding that Cruz has “undermined” leadership.

“I think it was a very sad display for the party,” Steele said. “I think it showed not just inept but weak leadership.”

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