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Ted Nugent: ‘My Lifestyle Is More In The Indian Tradition Than Many of the Indians Themselves’

Aging rocker Ted Nugent has been on a tear since several Native American reservations cancelled his concerts over his “racist views,” and took to the Glenn Beck show to claim that he is more “Indian” than “Indians themselves.”

“I mean, the intimate relationship I have with all the tribes, being invited to their schools to teach the children,” Nugent told Beck. “I don’t know how it works, the Motor City Madman was invited into many Indian tribes to teach their children about the history of the bow hunting lifestyle and the appreciation of God’s gifts of food and clothing and shelter and medicine and tools and spirit, and the hunting lifestyle, and they’ve been inviting me for many years to talk to their children about being clean and sober.”

“My lifestyle, as a white guy – though I’m hard to accept that designation – is more in the Indian tradition than many of the Indians themselves,” Nugent claims. “So I have not just respect, Glenn, but deep reverence. And it’s been reciprocal.”

“I have a spiritual blood brother relationship with these Indians,” Nugent said. “And then the left literally creates the nastiest hateful lie they can… claiming that I called my red brothers ‘unclean vermin.’ Which I never said that in my life.”

“So then where did they get the vermin thing?” Beck asks.

“Well because I did an interview,” Nugent replies. “They quoted me…because I saw these people and they are unclean, they’re nasty crazy people, they stink, they smell bad, I had to go through the protesters to get to my concert. And so I called them unclean vermin. I think the term unclean vermin accurately describes communist party members bussed in to protest my concerts.”

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