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Allen West: Leftists Will Nominate Hillary Just To Call Critics ‘Sexist’

Former Congressman Allen West is upset that people keep calling critics of President Obama racist and thinks the left will nominate a woman just to be able to call her critics sexist.

In an interview with REEL Talk, West said that liberals have a “Pavlovian tendency” to “go back to the ‘r’ word, the ‘racist’ word because they get a reaction and get people to self-censor and back down.”

“I think that’s why the left wants to run a female, be it a Hillary Clinton or an Elizabeth Warren, because if you don’t stand up for them then you’re a sexist and misogynist, and then they’ll run Julian Castro as the first Hispanic president because then you’re a xenophobe, who knows, it just goes on ad nauseum ad infinitum,” West proclaimed.

In an interview with Steve Malzberg earlier this year, West also alleged that “the left tries to win the women’s vote by talking from the waist down.”

West also alleged that the government is trying to play “the sugar daddy” and replace men in society.

Of course, any sexism or racism coming from the right is staged by the left to make Republicans look bad, West says.

In an interview with Sandy Rios earlier this summer, a caller said the “Ku Klux Klan ought to hang” the president.

West said that liberals “plant” calls like that to make conservatives look bad.

“This is what they do, they’re smart like that,” West accused.

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