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Dinesh D’Souza: Obama ‘Manufactured’ Border Crisis to ‘Shake Down’ Americans For Money

Disgraced conservative documentary film maker Dinesh D’Souza told USAWatchdog’s Greg Hunter that President Obama created the border crisis to “manipulate the goodness of the American people” and shake them down for money.

D’Souza, like Glenn Beck, believes this all goes back to the conservative’s boogeyman Saul Alinsky, a Chicago communist community organizer from the Cold War era.

“He’s somebody Obama heard about, and that’s why Obama kept going back to Chicago,” D’Souza claimed. “Think about it – Obama has no roots in Chicago. He comes from Hawaii. He lived part of his life in Indonesia, be he kept going to Chicago because he heard about this guy, Alinsky.”

“Who was Alinsky?” D’Souza asked. “He was basically a shakedown artist. He used to hang out with the mafia, and he realized what the mafia does – they shake people down for money. Alinsky said, how do I do that politically?”

And that’s what Obama has done on the border, D’Souza asserted, “taken people of good will and put them into an impossible situation,” D’Souza said. Obama “simply put out the word on the other side of the border that we are not that serious about enforcing the immigration laws. Moreover, we are already trying to get amnesty for lawbreakers already in this country.”

“I blame the cynicism and manipulation of the Obama Administration which has manufactured, to a large degree, this crisis,” he added.

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