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Christian Radio Host: Ebola Could Cleanse US of Sluts, Atheists, Gays

Christian radio host Rick Wiles told his audience to look on the bright side of a potential Ebola outbreak in the United States – it could cleanse the country of atheists, gays, and other things Rick Wiles doesn’t like.

“This Ebola epidemic could become a global pandemic and that’s another name for plague,” Wiles said on his ‘Truenews’ show. “It may be the great attitude adjustment that I believe is coming. Ebola could solve America’s problems with atheism, homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, pornography, and abortion.”

But not our problem with hate-peddling talk show hosts?

“If Ebola becomes a global plague, you better make sure the blood of Jesus is upon you, you better make sure you have been marked by the angels so that you are protected by God. If not, you may be a candidate to meet the Grim Reaper,” he added.

Now would be a good time to start a business selling “the blood of Jesus” to Rick Wiles listeners.

Earlier this week, Wiles also warned that President Obama might be intentionally spreading Ebola in order to put Americans into FEMA camps.

“Obama would claim executive powers to mandate that every human being in the United States be vaccinated,” Wiles asserted. “They could use the panic to stampede hundreds of millions of people in this country to be vaccinated, in fact billions worldwide, they could stampede the world to receive a vaccine against a deadly virus and nobody knows what is in the vaccine.”

His guest, evangelist Augusto Perez, added that the vaccine would not be effective because of unhealthy eating habits and the government using chemtrails to spread Ebola which would allow them to force people into FEMA camps.

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