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Alan Keyes: Obama is Waging a ‘War on Whites’

In a new column for ultra-right-wing “news” site (and sometimes hate site) WorldNetDaily, Alan Keyes claims that President Obama is waging a “war on whites” as well as every other American.

In his piece, titled, ‘Obama’s War on Whites … And Every Other American,’ Keyes writes, “Phony hype led some benighted people to vote for Obama in order to signify and confirm the country’s progress toward healing still festering racial and ethnic wounds. But these days there can be little doubt that life-threatening infection is setting in instead. Instead of fighting the infection, the Obama faction has, throughout his tenure, willfully exacerbated it.”

“From the first, they have leveled false charges of racism against anyone who undertakes to oppose Obama’s policies,” he accused. “Obama himself has, with disdainful contempt, dismissed the faith and constitutional loyalty of working middle-class Americans. His policies, from Obamacare to the promotion of homosexual marriage, have callously disregarded the views and conscience of churchgoing craftsmen, professionals, entrepreneurs and mid-level corporate managers.”

“In the face of all this comes the report of Alabama GOP Mo Brooks’ comment that Obama’s Democrats are ‘part of the war on whites that’s been launched by the Democratic Party,’” Keyes writes. “Now, the La Raza cohorts of the Democratic coalition can slander opposition to amnesty for illegal immigrants as part of a tea party war on Hispanics, Mexicans and minorities in general. But when the congressman decries the slanders of such Democrats as a war on whites, he’s immediately decried as an incendiary.”

“The answer to their assault is not to let them isolate whites or any other group as the preferred target of their assault,” Keyes concludes. “Rather their attack on all of us requires a response that recognizes the damage they do to our society itself. As our founders prepared it, that response is to impeach them for their constitutional offenses, and to remove them from office for the sake of America and the standard it is supposed to raise for all humanity. This is what the pledge to impeach mobilization is about. Have you joined the effort? Are you encouraging everyone you can influence to do likewise?”

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