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‘That’s F***ed Up’: Jon Stewart Slams VA Gov, Wife For Telling Ann Romney Their Weight Supplement Can Cure Her MS

Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife, Maureen, are currently in the middle of a corruption trial but perhaps the most damning evidence has nothing to do with the money-for-influence scheme they got caught in.

Not only were they trying to peddle a weight loss supplement in return for gifts and cash, they went so far as to tell Mitt Romney’s wife Ann that the supplement could cure her multiple sclerosis.

On Thursday’s episode of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart took aim at the McDonnells.

“That’s f***ed up,” Stewart exclaimed. “How do those two live with themselves? I guess it’s easy to thanks to Forgetulex, from the makers of Anatabloc, the herbal supplement guaranteed to wipe out the memory of a time you trivialized a woman’s debilitating incurable disease so that a whacked-out supplement huckster would buy you a watch. Forgetulex, it’s made up of crushed-up heroin needles and bedbugs.”

He mocked the Anatabloc supplement itself, which uses tobacco as a main ingredient.

It’s filled with “wonder carcinogens,” Stewart mocked. “You’re going to kick yourself for not thinking of this first. He nuked the tobacco in 200 Walmart microwaves. Tired of feeling bad? Try some of our highly irradiated cigarette pills.”

“Apparently when you put two terrible things together it makes something great,” Stewart quipped. “Gonorrhea is terrible, but when you mix it in a Crock-Pot of dog vomit, it’s transformed into a healthy part of any child’s breakfast.”

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