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Dick Cheney: Obama ‘Can’t Blame Bush Anymore’, His Policies ‘Cripple Us’

Former Vice President Dick Cheney appeared on 970 AM’s Cats Roundtable to continue to slam the Obama Administration, saying the administration’s policies will “cripple” the United States.

In the interview, Cheney slammed Obama for “gutting the military.”

“I just read a piece this morning in the Stars and Stripes that they’re getting ready to lay off 500 majors in the U.S. army,” Cheney explained. “Not long ago they did the same thing with a large group of captains.”

“They’re dramatically cutting back the defense budget, year after year, after year,” Cheney said.

“That’s a terrible precedent to set because it’s going to cripple us in future years,” he continued. “When you make decisions about the defense budget, and especially when you’re cutting back on it, you are crippling your successors as president.”

Cheney also listed all of the “bad situations” that Obama has gotten himself in, including the IRS and VA scandals, adding, “They can’t blame George Bush anymore.”

“I think he’s been a failure as a president,” Cheney remarked. “I think the scandals, with respect to the Veterans Administration, with respect to the IRS, these are bad situations.”

Just last week, Cheney spoke at a gathering of top Republican officials in Chicago, saying, “We are reducing the size of the army to where it’s the size of where it was below Pearl Harbor. President Obama is making an enormous impact on some president 15 to 20 years from now when he has to respond to some crisis. I can guarantee you no future secretary of defense will call Barack Obama and thank him for what he did.”

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