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‘What Is Wrong With You?’: GOP Official’s Campaign Tweets Using Robin Williams Death Sparks Outrage

Many took the time to mourn the passing of Robin Williams on Monday. Minnesota Republican Party Deputy Chair Chris Fields took a different direction, tying Williams’ death into his get-out-the-vote tweets and slamming those that thought he was callous for doing so.

Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party Social Media Director Ellen C. Anderson tweeted, “My cat’s nickname is Nanu Nanu. The world is lucky Robin Williams was able to share his genius with so many.”

Fields brazenly replied, “how very 80’s. Want an economy like we had in 80’s under Reagan… Vote @Jeff4Gov tomorrow in the primary.”

Many quickly slammed Fields for that tweet.

Carly Melin tweeted, “What is wrong with you?”

A twitter user named Steve replied, “This is at the least, distasteful. At its best… Never mind.”

DJ Draper tweeted, “Seriously?”

“Yes!” Fields replied. “Bcuz real ppl who don’t have millions are crushed by the policies of guilt ridden celebrity above all libs.”

“Done playing nice with shallow people,” Fields told another user. “Real ppl are hurt every day by them. Let’s be more concerned about real ppl and watch ur mouth.”

“You are an officer of the state party and making an ass of all of us,” the user replied. “Don’t tell me to watch my mouth.”

Andrew Lee aptly tweeted, “Just delete all your tweets from the last 4 hours, apologize for being a tone deaf ass, and pray people forget about it.”

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  • Smooth

    N*gg*r, please!

  • Jim Spillane


  • Charles Robinson

    The economy sucked under Reagan and was kept afloat by a mountain of deficit financed military spending. Reagan was a monster, a horrible president.

  • Bg Mcqueen

    what was the problem with the tweet…gave respect

    • lugnut

      Fields is saying there are more important things to mourn about than guilt ridden celebrities with millions.. Have to read the first two tweets to get the full meaning of the tweets. Fields is even giving her cats nanu and nanu more importance.

  • lugnut

    Reagan started the downsizing of the middleclass with his trickle down voo doo economics. He started the corporate take over of this country. A lot of greed took over with all those yuppies grabbing as much money as they could, while committing massive amounts of fraud such as the S&L, penny stocks and more. He also raised taxes 11 times, mostly on the middle to lower class and increased the debt limit without opposition, every year he was in office.

  • lugnut

    The economy under Reagan was one of massive amounts of borrowed and phony investment money, masquerading as a success. Like a person walking around with all their credit cards over limit. But getting more credit cards and maxing them out too.

  • dog31743t


  • Chris Lagemann

    Ah yes, the repugnicans show their true colors. When ow isn’t Minnesota home of another brain dead teabagger? What a disappointment to his state and the human race.

  • Chris Lagemann

    Reagan was the first one to rape social security. How old was this moron when he was president? 3?

  • Monroe Frazier

    Some of these comments prove just how bad our society and education in this country has gotten.

  • Keith Whitmer

    A few of the charities and causes Robin Williams supported: https://www.looktothestars.org/celebrity/robin-williams
    Fields should examine what people and party is actually hurting innocent Americans.

  • John

    I remember the 1980’s well. High unemployment, large deficit, CIA meddling in Central America, Iran-Contra Scandal, the president consulting astrologists, union busting, marine barracks bombing in Lebanon, and on and on. As a president, he sucked.

  • 2Smart2bGOP

    Yeah, that’s the way to court votes; insult the constituents. Brilliant strategy.