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Erik Rush: Gays Aligned With ISIS, Because Obama

Right-winger Erik Rush has penned a new column for right-wing-news/hate-site WorldNetDaily, alleging that ISIS and the American gay rights movement are working toward the same goal and President Obama is the link that ties them together.

“The majority of the unfortunates in Iraq who are facing this [ISIS] genocide are Christians,” Rush writes. “In America, we are seeing a different methodology being used to disenfranchise Christians, but rest assured, many of the principals and operatives are the same people.”

“It isn’t necessary at this time to belabor the fact that Obama has more than a nodding acquaintance with all things gay,” Rush says. “[His] objective – as we have seen in Europe – is the disenfranchisement of Christians… Those on the political left hate Christians; their proclivity for perennially calling Christians haters is of course pure projection. Progressive power players hate Christians because we threaten their power, and the true-believing useful idiots hate Christians because they’ve been taught that we wish to place impediments upon their freedom to be self-destructive, unregenerate hedonists.”

He then magically ties the two movements together, writing, “Coming full circle, we note with some irony that those true-believing useful idiots on the left – some of them homosexual themselves – share the same big tent with another political special interest and beneficiary of progressives’ largesse: Muslims, those who would just as readily and just as severely persecute homosexuals, women, children, and, of course, non-Muslims in America as they are doing in Iraq.”

“Finally, addressing the Islamist horde that has promised to raise its flag over the White House,” Rush concludes. “In a sense, it has already been done. Considering the degree to which Barack Obama has enabled Islamists worldwide both overtly and covertly, his insinuation of Islamist operatives into our government, the chaotic situation on our southern border and our immigration policy in general, American progressives may get to test that ‘big tent’ allegiance to their Islamist friends sooner than they think.”

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