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VIDEO: Man Apologizes, Driver Unloads Viciously Racist Rant: ‘N*gger-Loving Atheist Bitch,’ ‘F*cking Muslim’

A man recorded the hateful rant of a woman who he had approached to apologize for causing a minor traffic accident.

The man was recording the incident while going to the woman’s car to see if she was okay.

She was, and she was angry.

“F*ck you,” she yelled. “If I had a gun I would shoot you dead.”

“Give me your goddamn phone,” she screamed as she starts to exit her car. “I’m going to goddamn kill your kids and your mother! I’ve got people who will do it, you watch. I’m gonna goddamn run you over.”

The man attempts to calm her but she is relentless.

“You better open your goddamn eyes and learn how to drive, you f*cking Muslim,” she yells.

“You’re a Muslim aren’t you?” she asks to confirm that she’s yelling the proper racial epithets.

“Yes, ma’am. Proud,” the man replies.

“I goddamn knew it,” she unloads. “You blow up school children, you goddamn son of a n*gger-loving atheist loving bitch.”

The man continues to unsuccessfully try to calm her, asking, “Why are you so full of hate?”

She charges at him, returns to her car, and drives away, nearly hitting him.

Alright, let’s rewind. So Muslims are atheists, the man who recorded the video apparently blows up schools, and the lady screaming is well connected to people who would happily kill the Muslim man in the video. At least one of those sounds about right. Can’t wait to see her on an upcoming episode of Hannity’s America.

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