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Columnist: Gay ‘Perversion’ is Responsible For Terrorist Attacks

Christian Post columnist Michael Bresciani has figured out what’s responsible for terrorist attacks: gay people.

According to Bresciani, LGBT “perversion” has put the world “in danger of judgment” and “these judgments have already begun and terrorism is part of it.”

“The sin and failing of Sodom was always homosexuality and it is a sign in today’s world that Israel and any other nation that gives in to LGBT agenda have passed the mark and is due for God’s intervention,” Bresciani writes. “Homosexuals see injustice on every level of society because they are not fully accepted and their normal is seen by most as damaging perversity. They don’t realize that the more their plight becomes accepted as the norm, the closer the rest of the world is in danger of judgment.”

Bresciani goes on to say, “The days of warning about judgments due to perversion are over, these judgments have already begun and terrorism is part of it. Make no mistake the judgments that perversions bring are not exclusive. Modern man has been on a downward spiral in all areas of morality for an entire generation. We are the most highly educated generation in history, but at the same time we are the most spiritually dumbed down generation as well.”

“We have primed our offspring with a blind adherence to the evolutionary model to explain our origins,” he adds. “Next, we have believed the exaggerated promise of empiricism and technology to solve all of man’s problems. Statesmanship has given way to greedy irresponsible and corrupt politicians who are more than willing to abandon the constitutional principles upon which this nation was founded.”

“Bringing up the rear are the godless, the perverted, conjoined with the fallen and apostate preachers of the gospel and leaders of the church,” he concludes. “The push for the enforcement of the separation of church and state is now being handled by the god of this world himself (Satan) who escapes the notice of most. His real agenda is the very separation of man and God.”

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