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Columnist: Obama Wants to Rename White House to ‘Black House,’ Start a ‘Race War’

Right-winger Larry Klayman has written a new column for WorldNetDaily, saying President Obama has created a “race war” and it’s surprising that Obama hasn’t “renamed the White House ‘the Black House.”

Klayman says the Obama Administration is “racist” against white people “in favor of their black brothers.” He also says the White House is ignoring “racially motivated crimes against whites” and using Obamacare to “have whitey pay reparations to blacks.”

“The reality is that we do not presently know who if anyone was at fault in provoking or causing the death of Michael Brown, who last Saturday was accused by the local police of having engaged in a convenience store robbery, just before his fatal shooting,” Klayman writes. “But what makes my blood boil is that our so-called president and his attorney general jump to judgment, on a consistent and regular basis, against ‘whitey’ and in favor of their black brothers.”

“Whites have been afraid to speak out because of fear of being branded racists, or having black vigilantes attack them verbally or physically,” he continues. “The racist Obama and his henchmen like Eric Holder have succeeded in creating what in effect is a huge racial divide and race war in the nation, pitting black against white and vice versa. This race war has manifested itself not just through gratuitous comments that favor blacks over whites, but in his deeds.”

“Obamacare has been designed to favor blacks over whites, and to in effect have whitey pay reparations to blacks for the insidious years of racial discrimination,” he alleges. “Obama’s intention is to melt down the gold in America and redistribute it to his people.”

“Obama ignores racially motivated crimes against whites, some of which is manifest in the rising anti-Semitism and anti-Christian bigotry here and worldwide,” Klayman claims. “It is an undisputed fact that hate crimes against Jews far exceed those against blacks. But Obama couldn’t care less, particularly since his Muslim roots and sympathies skew his objectivity and interest in doing anything for either Jews or Christians.”

Obama is a “Muslim through and through in the mold of his Chicago friend Rev. Louis Farrakhan,” Klayman adds.

“Yes, Mr. President and Mr. Attorney General, whites, Christians and Jews have rights, too, and you either must treat them as equal to blacks or pay the legal price,” he concludes.

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