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Laura Ingraham Analyzes Ferguson for Fox News: ‘Thugs Are Thugs’

Fox News brought on right-wing radio host Laura Ingraham to give her take on what happened in Ferguson and, in true Ingraham fashion, she broke it down to “thugs are thugs.”

Fox News host Steve Doocy asked her why “somebody would throw a gas bomb at a cop” after another violent night in Ferguson.

Ingraham said it was the fault of Missouri Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson because he made a mistake trying to “engage with the community” and “show them we care.”

“I understand that impulse, I really do,” Ingraham said. “But we know now that thugs are thugs. People who are going to take advantage of the situation are going to do that, especially if they know that the media is all there. Got the cameras on everyone. It’s become its own reality show. So there’s going to be cameras trained on you. You’re going to be looting and you might get stopped but you probably won’t get stopped.”

She then slammed Attorney General Eric Holder for planning to visit Ferguson but not visiting the US-Mexico border.

“I think a lot of people who are hard-working people from all over the world who live here legally are getting a little tired of being told implicitly or explicitly because they exist that they’re racist,” Ingraham claimed. “People are getting really tired of this. It’s tough out there for everybody in the middle class and the working poor.”

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